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The Baltimore Children's Choir provides rehearsals for three neighborhood choirs at three different skill levels that convene weekly.  This maintains a smaller, more intimate rehearsal environment.  Families choose the day and neighborhood that is most convenient.  Presently, we have about 100 students in our neighborhood programs.  Students from all three neighborhoods gather for concerts, tours, and retreats.  This allows them to get to know one another and gain confidence in performance.

Treble Makers from Baltimore Children's Choir

Treble Makers (4-8 years old) 

The Treble Makers program meets weekly for an hour with our artistic staff. Children will learn musical skills through singing, moving, and playing on instruments. The choristers will perform twice a year during our Winter and Spring Concerts. During this program students will learn to:

  • Sing individually and with a group

  • Keep a steady beat to a variety of musical literature

  • Move, sing, and play expressively through song

  • Reflect about music 

Baltimore Children's Choir Cantare

Cantare Ensemble (7-12 years old)

The Cantare Ensemble (treble choir) is our beginning performance ensemble that meets weekly for an hour and fifteen minutes. To develop their musicianship skills, they sing rounds, unison, and two-part music. The Cantare Ensemble performs approximately four times a year. While students are in the Cantare Ensemble they will:

  • Sing music in a variety of languages and from a variety of cultures

  • Become familiar with Kodaly solfege syllables and Curwen hand signs

  • Apply expressive qualities to music they are performing

  • Sight-read rhythmic and melodic examples

Baltimore Children Choir Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers (11-18 years old)​

The Chamber Singers is our most advanced performance choir and rehearses for an hour and a half each week. Choristers will perform three-part and four-part choral literature. This ensemble will perform between six to eight times a year. While students are in the Chamber Singers they will:

  • Sing classical, multicultural, folksong, and pop repertoire

  • Apply Kodaly solfege syllables to the performance literature

  • Sight-read rhythmic and melodic examples (two-parts)

  • Interpret the musical score

School Programs and Partnerships

Beginning in 2018, the Baltimore Children's Choir began in-school music programs for public and private schools in the Baltimore-Metro region. Approximately 50% of public and private schools operate without a music budget. Baltimore Children's Choir believes that music education is a right that should be provided for all students.  Our programs can be held during the school day or after school. Each program can be created to fit the unique musical needs of each school.  Presently, our in-school programs reach approximately 600 students.

For more information about having the Baltimore Children's Choir staff work with your children,  reach out to Artistic Director Joseph Shortall, at 

Hamstead Hill Academy
Greenmount School
St. Casimir School
Archbishop Borders School
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